Red Dot Pilad PK "1x25 "Archangel"

Manufacturer: VOMZ
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   Accuracy and aiming speed lead to the victory in combat. This is especially important in CQB and in buildings. Iron sight is good for this, but why should you use them when progress has gone far ahead. Remember — the use of a collimator sight reduces the aiming time by 2-3 times.

   "Pilad" by VOMZ is a convenient and minimalistic collimator sight for shooting at short distances. The design consists of a base plate, on which a lens and and a beam waveguide with a red reticle in the form of a circle with a dot are attached. The sight is mounted on the weapon with the help of clamping bars and screws which also help in regulating the position of the sight.

   This sight greatly fits shotguns. It can be called the best post-apocalypse sight, because when there is sun or other source of light it doesn’t require batteries for work — the red mark will be seen clearly. This feature makes it irreplaceable if you spent long time performing tasks autonomously.

1. Simple and convenient sight.
2. High reliability.
3. Doesn’t require batteries when the sun is up or there is other source light.
4. Suitable for almost any weapon.

Doesn’t require batteries

Weight: 175 gram