Radio pouch "AVS" MBITR

Manufacturer: Ars Arma
Product Code: Spare part
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   Information exchange is the most important tactical component. Operators and units need to inform each other about the enemy movements, call in the fires and etc. All this requires a constant established radio communication. So there is a question — how to place a radio station on the equipment of each fighter to ensure maximum convenience.

   AVS MBITR pouch was designed specially for AVS system as a universal and ergonomic pouch. It can room not only professional radios, but even 2 AR or 1 AK mags. The pouch is placed directly on the corset with a special quick placement system. This provides better comfort and weight distribution.

   The pouch has no flap which allows you to quickly and easily grab a radio station to transmit information or make changes to the settings.

1. Universal and convenient pouch.
2. Suitable for MBITR and A3APT radios.
3. Easily placed on the corset.
4. Designed for the AVS system.

Fabric: Cordura 500D

Weight: 500 gram