Call Sign Patch "Tricolor IR"

Manufacturer: East Military
Product Code: patch
Stock Status: Available



   In the heat of battle it is necessary for operators to flawlessly execute one task — to identify the combatants correctly. This problem is more important in a night combat, where it is necessary to be both invisible to the enemy and noticeable to your own side.

   Special patches were invented to solve this problem. This patch has several layers and camouflage or solid color. The clearly visible inscription "Russia" indicates nationality and three black stripes symbolize the Russian flag. The patch doesn't stand out too much during the day, but it is perfectly visible when using the NVG.

   These patches were made specifically for the needs of Russian Special Forces. They do not wrinkle, do not fade, and do not tear due to the use of plastic and polymers.

1. Large print.
2. Must have for night missions.
3. Quiet unnoticeable during the day.
4. Large selection of colors.

Cordura 500D, plastic. Size 5x8/4x6 cm.

Weight: 10 gram