Tactical Grip "Button"

Manufacturer: SRVV
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   Your effectiveness as a combat unit depends on your shooting accuracy. According to many circumstances, the shooting technique changes, but there are two things that always remain the same — your skills should be high and the weapon must be as convenient as possible. But sometimes the weapon in a standard body doesn’t satisfy the shooters with its behavior when shooting.

   Survival Corps company has been producing high-quality weapon tuning for a long time. This front tactical handle has classic design, it provides excellent grip, weapon control when firing and makes aiming easier. You can also put some weigh or necessary items inside if you need it.

   The handle is stationary, easy to install on the RIS plank and excellently fits a hand. It has a channel to place remote buttons.

1. High ergonomics.
2. Has a special channel.
3. Easy mount.
4. Height 140 mm.
5. Designed for Cyma & LCT models. Can be adjust for other AEG brands.


Weight: 150 gram