Combat Pants "CP Gen.3"

Manufacturer: Ars Arma
Product Code: trousers
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    Modern combat uniform should combine such qualities as functionality, comfort, reliability and simplicity. Many BDU suits have been developed, but special tasks require the use of special equipment. Regular BDU trousers aren’t always functional and comfortable enough, which doesn’t satisfy SF soldiers.

    Ars Arma AA-CP Gen.3 combat trousers are an analogue of G3 Crye Precision trousers made of more affordable, but no less high-quality materials. Unlike ordinary BDU pants they have better ventilation and greater wearing comfort.

    On the trousers there are inserts from original Spandura, 10 functional pockets with rubber bands organizers in some of them. They are also adjustable in shape. These are one of the most durable combat pants on the market.

1. Suitable for hot weather.
2. Excellent durability and elasticity.
3. Do not glow in NVG.
4. Hygienic.

Fabric: Cotton 50%, nylon 50%, Spandura® USA.
Furniture: YKK zippers.

Weight: 900 gram