Ghille Pants "Chimera"

Manufacturer: Stich Profi
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available



   In the summertime, special attention should be paid to masking a sniper. A large amount of vegetation makes it possible to operate effectively in the forest, but this requires appropriate equipment.

   Stich Profi "Chimera" pants provide great legs camouflage in the summer forest. They breath excellently, have free cut, adjust to fit you and are covered with camouflage leaves. The pants don't constrain movements.

   “Chimera” pants design provides perfect deformation of the silhouette in the summer forest because of the leaves and free cut.

1. Very lightweight and comfortable.
2. Compact when transporting.
3. Doesn’t make noise when moving.
4. Great camouflage.

Camouflage mesh.

1 Size - 50-52/3-4 .
2 Size - 54-56/5-6.
Weight: 580 gram