Ghille Cover for Backpack "Chimera"

Manufacturer: Stich Profi
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available



   In the summertime, special attention should be paid to masking a sniper. A large amount of vegetation makes it possible to operate effectively in the forest, but this requires appropriate equipment.

   Stich Profi "Chimera" backpack ghillie cover will help to hide your backpack from the enemies eyes. This cover is worn over the backpack, providing it with an excellent camouflage due to the camo leaves. So you can use it during stealth movements or turn a backpack into a cache.

   There is a special pocket sewn on the inside into which it can be folded. Sizes for 20-30, 50-70 and 120 liters backpacks available.

1. Masks your backpack.
2. Compact when transporting.
3. Doesn't make noise when moving.
4. All sizes available.

Camouflage mesh.

S Size - 20-30 L.
M Size - 50-70 L.
L Size - 120 L.
150 - 470 gram