Hat "Chechenka"

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: cap
Stock Status: Available


Legendary Cap "Chechenka". This name Russian Soldiers give it during Both Chechens wars. Another name "Pidorka" (we will not translate this word, it's bad word =) ). 

Why it was so popular? It's made from Wool, drain wet, and works great as under helmet, as standard hat. Plus, it's very durable. Writer of this Article use it since 2001 year, and it's still looks nice.  

Due bad condition of Russian Industry during Chechen wars (our country was ruined), this hat was rare, and there is legend, that you can exchange this hat for AK (Real AK!!! Just imagine). So, if you want realsteel AK, but don't have enough monies on it, you can try to exchange this hat for it (who knows, maybe it will work?)