Soviet Specnaz Summer Suit "Mabuta"

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: suit
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   Conducting military operations in hot regions in the 1980s required the Soviet Union to design a special military uniform. Special forces soldiers were given light, breathable and functional clothing to carry out their combat missions.

   Mabuta suit was designed specifically for this task. The suit includes light jacket and trousers of desert color. The jacket has two breast pockets, tightens at the waist and in the sleeves. It has no insignia signs attachments for better camouflage. The pants also adjustable and have 6 roomy pockets. The left one is designed for carrying flares, the right one — for a bayonet. Front pockets room first aid kit, bandage and etc.

   The suit is made of durable but lightweight fabric, has ventilation, comfortable fit and very high functionality. That is why Soviet paratroopers and scouts liked it. Great for re-enactors.

1. Comfortable and durable suit with great functionality.
2. Pants and jacket included.
3. Pouches for ROP and knife on pants.
4. Was used by Soviet special forces in hot countries.
5. A great choice for re-enactors.


Weight: 1.4 kg