Soviet Specnaz Summer Cap "Mabuta"

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available



Being under the scorching sun, you will definitely want to cover your head with something. When Soviet troops were in Afghanistan or Africa, new hats were developed for their needs.

Mabuta cap was worn along with a well-known costume for special forces and military advisers. The cap ​​looks very similar to a classic Afghanka soviet cap, but is painted in a different color, has no cockade and also fastens with one button. There are two ventilation holes on each side.

The cap is made of light and durable material, perfectly protects from overheating, sand and dust.

1. Used by the military advisors/instructors and the SF only!
Light and breathable fabric.
Exact cope of the original prototype.
May be worn under helmet. 


Weight: 80 gram