Case for Shooting Glasses "Futlar"

Manufacturer: Stich Profi
Product Code: Pouch
Stock Status: Available



   Vision protection is extremely important for both airsoft players and real military. Glasses protect eyes from fragments, BBs and can also protect from bright light, flashes, dust, and so on. The only question remains - where to store glasses when you don’t wear them.

   This tactical eyeglass case was designed specially for this purpose. This case is made of durable camouflage fabric and has a single MOLLE sling to attach it directly to your gear.

   The case is closed with a zipper, has hard walls and an internal coating that protects the lenses of glasses from damage.

1. Accommodates any shooting glasses.
2. High storage reliability.
3. Small size.

Cordura 500В.

Weight: 95 gram