Russian Army Ration Pack - IRP

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: IRP
Stock Status: Available


One of the most delicious MRE`s in the whole world.

Contains all necessary elements for 24 hours, was developed especially for Russian soldiers, who conduct combat actions in extremely hard conditions with high-level physical activity. It has enough calories to be active and not feeling hungry the whole day.

Also, has a lot of elements inside, so you can treat your friends. Also, your mates, who wears US camo, will estimate such MRE very high and decide to change his camo to Russian =)

Suitable for reenactment, long-time airsoft games, outdoor tourism or if you simply like tasty and nourishing food. If you take 1,2, or more IRP`s with you- you can be absolutely sure, that you wont feel hungry. IRP has 7 different variants.

WE CANNOT SHIP THIS IRP THROUGH DHL! We will refund it, or send it as ground shipping. Anyway, we will contact with you about it

Each IPR variant has constant items, but main meal can be different.

Expires in Middle 2019 !!!

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