Remote button "KV" for Klesh Flashlights

Manufacturer: Zenitco
Product Code: spare part
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   Night time combat as well as combat in unlit rooms, entails a number of inconveniences. To solve problems with visibility, soldiers use flashlights mounted on the fore-end of the weapon.

   Remote buttons for the “Klesh” flashlights of the new generation from the Zenit company allow you to turn the flashlight on and off with maximum convenience without changing the hand position.

   The remotes are presented in four versions: KV-1 (a simple rectangular remote), KV-1P (a rectangular remote with a safety button against accidental), KV-8P (a small square remote with a safety button) and KV-5P (a large rectangular remote with a safety button and brightness regulation). All remote are designed for new generations of “Klesh” flashlights and are mounted on RIS rails.

1. High convenience.
2. Four button options:
   1 - Simple remote KV-1;
   2 - Remote with safety button KV-1P;
   3 - Small remote KV-8P;
   4 - Multifunctional KV-5P adjustable brightness.
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Made of aluminum alloy D16T with black coating.Mounted on Picatinny rails by two clamping plates and four screws

Weight: 60 gram