Holster "Agent Makarov"

Manufacturer: Stich Profi
Product Code: pouch
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   Various special operations involve wearing civilian clothing, which does not allow the use of the usual holsters and pouches. Special concealed-carry equipment is used for these tasks.

   ÔÇťAgent" holster is used for concealed carry of the MP-433, PM, Glock, Cz and SigSauer pistols, as well as two magazines for them. The holster is worn on the shoulders and is adjustable to fit you.

   Such holsters are often used by security services and bodyguards, because they are invisible under the jacket.

1. Dukalis like it.
2. Possibility of concealed carry.
3. Fits in all handguns.
4. Must have for working in civilian clothes.

Nylon Strap, Cordura 500D, 3D Mesh.

Weight: 300 gram