Vest "Gump" (Sale)

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: vest
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   In certain circumstances, carrying ammunition on the warbelt can be inconvenient (for example, when you are in a car) or wearing a body armor equipped with magazines is uncomfortlable or unnecessary (in hot weather or at a shooting range). The chestrigs were invented to solve these problems.

   "SSO/SPOSN" company "Gump" chestrig is a small vest for carrying in inner administrative pouch. Also it has lots of MOLLE webs for placing all the necessary pouches and has a very low profile.

   The chestrig is extremely compact and lightweight, the design of the straps does not interfere with the straps of a backpack or a warbelt, which makes it extremely pleasant to wear. Thanks to the fastex usage “Yarost” can be mounted on a bulletproof vest or combined with some backpacks.

1. Universality and comfort in use.
2. Handy in car’s closed space.
3. Very compact.
4. Simple design.
5. Can room an inner magazine pouch.

Cordon 500D.

Weight: 550 gram