Cloak Tent (Plash-Palatka)

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: cloak
Stock Status: Available


Cape army. Khaki. Material - tarp. Eyelets can be metallic or artificial leather. Brakes (buttons) plastic or wooden. Issued before 1991. Includes: cloth cape, size 180x180 cm. New. Made in the USSR.

Functionality cape due to unique design, which is improved in the real world for several centuries, light, compact, easy to carry, transport and use.

With skillful use of this versatile tool helps soldiers survive the harsh conditions:

In bad weather (rain, snow) - cape serves as a cloak with a hood;

Masking - in coniferous and mixed forests, rugged terrain and other landscaping, as well as in the dark;

Carrying the wounded;

Carrying things - from the cape to easily build a bale;

As the boat - as they crossed the water hazard cape stuffed with straw or hay;

When the location of the terrain of several panels cloak tents can build tents for personnel;

Of cloth cape constructed tents, canopies, shelters tents, open trenches, covers the entrance to the dugout and tents;

Serves as bedding, blankets, pillow can also be done.

Attention, shades of colors, the material of which they are made eyelets and the brakes have sent to you cape may differ from the pictured specimen