Body Armor Lining Set "FILLIN FLEX"

Manufacturer: FILLIN
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available



   Lining set is a major addition to any body armor. A soldier avoid overheating and reduce consequence of a shoot due to ventilating and damping of the lining set.

   Lining Set "FILLIN FLEX" helps to protect vital organs end distributes the load between the parts of a chest. It does not absorb moisture and has antibacterial protection MICROBAN®, which make you to forget about unpleasant odour.

   "FILLIN FLEX" can be used with any vests with a Velcro on the inner side and doesn't require a special care.

1. Low profile (13-14mm).
2. Doesn't absorb moisture.
3. Distributes the load.
4. Provides a ventilation of the space under the vest.
5. Antibacterial protection MICROBAN®.
6. The set of two items.

Polymer, MICROBAN®.

Weight: 480 gram