Brezent Pouch for 4 AK-74 mags

Manufacturer: Zavod Trud
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available



   Old Soviet pouch for AK-74 mags 5. 45x39. It was used in the Soviet Army since the 70s, also was included in the set of AK-74 and its subsequent modifications up to AK-200 and AK-12. It was used and is used in the armed forces in many countries of the former Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact countries.

   It has four compartments for AK mags, a pouch for an oil can or hand grenade, and two compartments for clips for quick charging of AK-74 magazines. The pouch has loops for installation on the belt.

   The pouch is simple and reliable in operation, perfect for re-enactors of the Soviet Army of the Cold War and the armed forces of the Russian Federation during the First and Second Chechen Wars.

1. Fits 4 AK mags.
2. Clasps made of genuine leather.
3. Compartment for an oil can or a grenade.
4. Two compartments for 15-round clips for quick loading of AL-74 mags.

5. This product was in long-term preservation, in warehouse storage,
but this does not affect its quality and functionality!

Material: Brezent

Weight: 280 gram