Tourniquet "SurvCat"

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    Blood loss is one of the main causes of death of soldiers on the battlefield. Any serviceman during combat operations must have at least one individual hemostatic tourniquet, and at most one for each limb.

    "SurvCat" is a reusable tourniquet-turnstile. The design allows you to use the tourniquet by yourself.

    Method of application:
1. Form a loop for dressing on the limb: take the belt by the red tip and thread it into the loop of the buckle with Velcro down. When applying a tourniquet, soft tissue injury may occur. Apply it over clothing, cotton-gauze napkins, bandages, etc.
2. Insert the injured limb into the loop. The overlay should be proximal to the bleeding area (above the wound and closer to the body, not to the end of the limb).
3. Adjust the turnstile so that the collar stick is located on top of the inside of the hand on top of the blood vessels. Selecting a slack, pull the belt, pulling even harder. Fasten the Velcro as much as possible.
4. Start twisting the collar stick until the bleeding stops. Check your pulse. Under a properly applied and well-tightened tourniquet should not fit even the mezinets - so tightly the belt covers the limb, blocking the flow of blood.
5. Thread the free end of the stick into the C-shaped retainer and secure it with Velcro.
6. Record the overlay time on the Velcro.
7. Wrap the free end of the belt over the stick and secure it with Velcro.
8. Monitor the patient's condition and evacuate them to a doctor.

1. Simple to use.
2. Full belt length: 80 cm.
3. The full length of the tounquet is 95cm.                                    
4. The belt width is 4 cm.
5. Used by special forces and PMCs.
6. We hope that you will NEVER use it.

Nylon, Plastic.

Weight: 85 gram