Kneepad insertions "EVA"

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: kneepads
Stock Status: Available



   Knee joints are very important for human life and there are many situations in which their protection is very important, but for some reason, ordinary knee pads or trousers with integrated protection are not suitable for the user, in such cases, military personnel use protective inserts.

   These knee pads are made of soft EVA material with dampening properties, has a special shape that provides maximum comfort when moving and wearing in special compartments on the trousers.

   A set of inserts in the knee pads made of EVA material is perfect for installation in trousers such as ACU, Steppe-M6 and Noch 91M.

1. Made of EVA damping material.
2. They are suitable for classic trousers like ACU.


Weight: 90 gram