Half Gloves "Storm"

Manufacturer: Splav
Product Code: gloves
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   During the second Chechen War, Russian special forces began to develop new and modern elements of equipment, protective gloves made of leather became one of these novelties that were used by spetsnaz.

   Half Gloves "Storm" preserve the tactility of the fingers and provide protection for the user's palm, as well as protection in the form of polyurethane foam pads on the outside of the palm and phalanges. They are fixed on the wrist.

   Storm gloves were widely distributed among special forces personnel during the 2000's, and also proved to be well-established for playing airsoft.

1. Strengthening on the palm for extra protection.
2. Thanks to high-density polyurethane foam inserts,
they effectively protect the bones of the first phalanx and the back of the palm.
3. Perfect for the reconstruction of the old school spetsnaz.

Fabric: Genuine leather.

Weight: 130 gram