Chestrig "Pioneer" M23

Manufacturer: Splav
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available


Designed specifically for mobile units

Designed for use in the field

Adjustable in size from 46 to 68, any increase

Compatible with a climbing harness

Pockets include draining


1) 3 flares

2) 3 grenades RGO or RGN; pouches with hand grenades inside pocket under the fuse and a carbine (photo A), is fastened to the check for cocking a grenade in one hand (photo B)

3) 10 grenades VOG-25

4) inner pocket for documents or armor elements

5) 8 stores AK or 4 shops PKK

6) bayonet

Has belt loops for a belt from the CPF

It can accommodate extra gear on the belt (a gas mask, a jar, a shovel, and others.)