Shorts "FreelanceR"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
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   Shorts as an element of military uniforms proved to be excellent during the Second World war, when British troops clashed with the Germans in the Sands of North Africa, the shorts were very popular Soldiers of that fought in the hot climates of Africa and South America.

   Freelancer shorts are an excellent alternative to regular trousers in a hot climate. they are suitable not only for fans of military style, but also for fans of tourism and sports! The shorts have an elastic waist part, classic cut-in and cargo pockets.

   Made of lightweight, quick-drying and breathable fabric.

1. Light and comfortable shorts.
2. Dry fast.

Fabric: 35% cotton/viscose, 65% polyester Tchaikovsky textiles ® (Russia).

Weight: 240 gram