KeyMod/M-LOK Angled Fore Grip "Kronshtadt"

Manufacturer: RTM
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   Usually, weapons in the stock state are not particularly convenient, in some positions, holding weapons becomes inconvenient and not effective, and the military uses tuning to solve this issue!

   The Kronshtadt grip is a universal module that fits equally well on M-LOK and KeyMod handguards!

   It can be used as an independent grip, as well as in tandem with a conventional tactical grip or a second Kronshtadt to get the most comfortable grip.

1. Compatible with KeyMod and M-LOK.
2. Ergonomic, comfortable shape.
3. Reliable material and coating.

Material: Aluminum D16T.
Coating: Anodizimg.

Weight: 55 gram