Backpack "MINIMAP" 4.5L

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available



   The use of a bacpack is not always appropriate, some tasks don't require big amount of additional equipment. Soldiers use crumb bags in such situations.

   The well - known Minimap is a convenient small-sized backpack that can be placed on the back section of almost any vest or RPS with a MOLLE interface. It is great for carrying additional items like IRP (MRE) and other small things, and you can also carry a 1-liter drinking system inside.

   The backpack has two compartments, one main with three zippered exits and one smaller external zippered compartment. The kit includes shoulder straps for carrying as an independent backpack.

1. The volume of 4.5 liters.
2. Possible to install 1 liter drinking system.
3. Complete with shoulder straps to be worn as a standalone backpack.
4. The Main compartment has three exits.

Fabric: Cordura 1000D.

Weight: 700 gram