Glow Patch "Kvadrat"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: patch
Stock Status: Available



   In the dark, the ability to distinguish an ally from an enemy is very limited. To solve the "friend-foe" issue, military personnel use light-accumulating patches.

   Glow Patch "Kvadrat" is perfect for marking your own in the dark. Due to its small size (only 25x25 mm) and low profile, the patch can be placed on any item of equipment with a Velcro interface.

   The patch has no seams and is actually soldered with a plastic Velcro hook, which ensures a minimum volume that does not interfere with working with equipment. The patch can be instantly recharged with almost any flashlight.

1. The patch size is 25x25mm.
2. Attenuation time without recharge 1 hour.
3. Brightness after 10 min 227 MCD / m2.
4. Brightness after 60 min 25 MCD / m2.
5. Instant charging with a tactical or civilian flashlight.

Light-accumulating element: FES light-Accumulating tape (photoluminescent). 
Velcro: Plastic hook.

Weight: 5 gram