Chest Rig "D3"

Manufacturer: Bastion
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available



   The main feature of the "D3" chest rig is its compactness and versatility. This chest rig has a minimal, but rather high-quality set of pouches, while the vest is convenient when working with transport or in tight spaces.

   "D3" has four fast mag pouches for assault rifles and two for pistols with a flap made of elastic cord, two small utility pouches and one pouch with a variable volume for special equipment.

   The chest rig has shoulder straps that can be removed by unfastening the fastex buckles. On the inside of the vest there is a Velcro closure, which is closed by a flap. in some cases, the vest can be used as a cammarband's flap.

1. High speed chest rig for tight spaces.
2. Universal set of pouches.
3. You can turn the valve cammarband on some plate carriers.

Fabric: Baltex Cordon 500PU.

Weight: 600 gram