Soviet Chestrig "Poyas-A"

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   The USSR during the first time of the conflict in Afghanistan was faced with the fact that the equipment of the Soviet soldier practically did not change since the end of the Great Patriotic War. Classic leather belt systems with pouches for three AK mags were very outdated and did not meet the requirements of the Soviet military. But in the first clashes against the Mujahideen, Soviet soldiers-internationalists captured chestrigs "Chicom", which were included in the delivery package of the Chinese Type-56 instead of the canvas pouch. Such chestrigs allowed to carry additional AK mags and grenades on the Chest, many soldiers sewed such vest independently from improvised means, but in the middle of the Afghan War, the USSR established the production of its own chestrig "Poyas-A"(Belt-A).

   The "Poyas-A" chestrig has 3 closed pouches for two AKM/AK-74 mags, 4 pouches for hand grenades and 2 pouches for ROP flares are located on the sides, the chestrig has adjustable shoulder straps and soft pillows for comfort during long-term use.

   This chestrig is a replica with fully preserved functionality of the original, perfect not only for use for its intended purpose as vest for mags and grenades, but also for the reconstruction of the OKSVA or the Soviet Army , or the Cold War and subsequent post-Soviet conflicts.

1. Full copy of the original "Poyas-A".
2. Holds 6 AK magazines, 4 grenades and 2 ROP.
3. Made of original materials.
4. Perfect for the reconstruction
the Afghan War of 1979-1989 and the Chechen Wars.

Fabric: Tent 230 g/sq.m.
Strap: LRL - 25mm cotton.
Hardware: Metal half-rings 25 mm, Holster button 8 mm, leather grips 2.8 mm.

Weight: 400 gram