Shockproof helmet "BZSh-V"

Manufacturer: Omnitek-N
Product Code: hat
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   From ancient times to modern times, head protection was important for the soldier, different battle conditions required different types of head protection. The BZSH-V helmet was supplied in limited quantities to various law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation, but for all its advantages, it did not receive much distribution.

   The helmet "BZSH-V" has a large and high-quality protection area, and thanks to the removable pads, you can fit the helmet under any headdress or active headphones. The dome of the helmet has no convex parts and has a completely streamlined shape, thanks to which it is convenient to operate with it on equipment such as a motorcycle or ATV, a parachute-type suspension system with removable pads, adjustable to the size of the head. The helmet "BZSH-V" is a shockproof copy of the combat analog. All components: suspension, accessories, etc, is 100% original, only the dome differs, which does not have buletproof protection, but has shockproof properties.

   The helmet can withstand a vertical blow of a blunt object with an energy of 80J and a blow of a sharp object with a radius of 3 mm with an energy of 30 J, the protective properties are preserved when exposed to atmospheric precipitation and air temperature from -40°C to +60°C. The design of the suspension system allows the adjustment of the size of the head in the range from 54 to 60 size.

1. The kit includes a carrying bag.
2. The suspension system is adjustable from 54 to 60 head size.
4. High degree of shockproof protection.
5. Large protection area compared to earless helmets.
6. Light weight.
7. Matt abrasive paint.

Strap: Nylon.
Hardware: Polyacetal.
Material of manufacture: Composite material based on fiberglass, reinforced with aramid material.

Weight: 850 gram