Bodyarmor Replica "6B4"

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   In 1985, the USSR received bulletproof vests 6B4, as personal protective equipment for the guard and security service. Bulletproof vests 6B4 were the most successful of the entire line of Soviet bulletproof vests, but at the same time the most expensive, the price of one vest reached 4-6 thousand Soviet rubles (with an average salary of a Soviet citizen of 150-200 rubles).

   6B4 embodies an increased level of armor protection, improved ergonomics due to the first kammerband with pouches for Kalashnikov mags and utilitarian needs. The vest was used in all branches of the Soviet Army during the Afghan War of 1979-1989 and by Russian Troops during the First Chechen War. According to the order of the Russian Defense Minister, the 6B4 bulletproof vests were withdrawn from service in 2000, and mass production was transferred to the more advanced 6B5 vests.

   The bulletproof vest has a very large area of protection, has shoulder stops for a weapon belt or chestrig with a backpack, on the kammerband there are four pouches for AK-74 magazines and two utility bags, on the back of the vest there are four pouches for hand grenades and a raincoat-tent. It is adjustable in height in the shoulders and with the help of slings, as well as the vest can be belted with a belt of the "Portupeia" type. The groin pad can be folded in half for easy interaction with vehicles.

1. Sewn pouches for magazines, grenades and utilitarian needs.
2. The largest area of protection among Soviet bulletproof ves
3. High copyability.
4. Inserts in the bulletproof vest are purchased separately, not included in the kit.

Fabric: Serge c/p art. 3221.

Weight: 850 gram