Sling Strap "ITGF"

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   The sling is widely used in the production of various tactical equipment, clothing and equipment, such as body armor, pouches, tactical belts, unloading, backpacks, bags, weapons and trouser belts, various covers, etc. Textile slings are made of polyester - a synthetic material of increased strength.

   Textile slings are made of polyester-a synthetic material of increased strength.

   NOTE! Cutting and packing of your strap can took 10 business days.

1. Price per meter.
2. Virtually unlimited range of applications.
3. It can be used in equipment
to strengthen places subject to increased load.
4. It is used for making MOLLE interface on the equipment.
5. Eight colors.

Manufacturer: "ITGF" Russia.
Composition: 100% polyester.

Weight: 45 gram