Contact Tape "Velcro" Hook

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   Contact tape-this textile clasp is a good example of biomimetics, since the principle is borrowed in nature, from the method of engagement of spherical inflorescences of burdock. It consists of a pair of textile tapes, one of which contains micro-hooks, the other-micro-loops. When the two tapes come into contact, the micro-hooks cling to the micro-loops and hold them firmly, "sticking" one to the other.

   The velcro contact tape is one of the most effective and safe solutions in terms of operation. It can withstand repeated washing with the use of modern detergents, does not deform the fabric on which it is sewn. This is a lightweight fastener that minimizes the load on the material in the places where it is attached.

   Currently, it is used in various fields – in the clothing and footwear industry, in the manufacture of tactical, tourist and sports clothing and equipment, in construction, in medicine, in aviation and astronautics, etc.

   NOTE! Cutting and packing of your tape can took 10 business days.

1. Price per 1 meter.
Secure mounting.
3. Light weight.
4. High strength.
5. Resistance to atmospheric phenomena.
6. Long service life.

Manufacturer: "Velcro" Belgium.
Composition: 100% polyamide (nylon).

Weight: 155 g/m