Assault Plate Carrier "BOR-M"

Manufacturer: FILLIN
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available



   The classic layout of the plate carrier, coupled with the quality of performance, as well as the low cost, will be an excellent solution for you when choosing a bulletproof vest. "BOR-M" does not restrict movement, allows you to use warbelts, move around in a car and perform physical exercises, while providing protection for vital organs. On the chest there is an administrative pocket with Velcro for various items. The front and back are sewn with Velcro for identification or unit patches. On the back side of the vest there is a wide evacuation strap for dragging the wounded.

   Lining set can be installed on the vest, which reduces the severity of the concussion effect when the armor plate is not broken by the striking element, as well as facilitating the wearing of the vest in hot climates.

   MOLLE interface is made using the "Molle-perforation" technology, which made it possible to reduce the weight of the bulletproof vest without losing functionality.

1. Price/quality ratio.
2. Ergonomics and great variability of application.
3. Mounting for lining set.
4. Perforated MOLLE interface.
5. Light weight.
6. Reliability.

Fabric: SUDA 500D South Korea.

Weight: 1000 gram

Compatibility with Plates