Plate Carrier "Stich Defense mod.3"

Manufacturer: Stich Profi
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available



   Military employees make high demands on personal protective equipment, the Stich Defense mod.3, thanks to its thoughtfulness and technology, just meets the high demands of the special forces.

   Stich Defense mod.3 - Plate Carrier combines advanced solutions in the creation of Body Armor. This vest has high ergonomics and great variability of individual fit.

   The vest is initially equipped with lining set, the cammerbands are locked with velcro, but you can easily install ROC buckles on them, the front flap can be quickly replaced for a specific task, there is quick access to the armor plates through a zipper.

1. Quick access to the plates,
the compartment under the plates is fastened with a zipper.
2. Two additional compartments for the anti-shatter bag.
3. The front panel is equipped with a zippered pocket for storing ID cards
and important small items.
4. Removable panel with quick replacement
depending on the task.
5. Wide range of adjustment for the user's size
from S to 2XL.
6. Lining Set is immediately included.
7. Cammerband with the ability to quickly and easily install the ROC buckles.

Fabric: Nylon 1000D.
Hardware: YKK, Due Emme.

Weight: 1700 gram