Suspenders on buttons for Gorka

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: belt
Stock Status: Available



   Gorka for sure is a comfortable and durable suit great for training or completing missions in cool and rainy weather. However, the tarpaulin is quite heavy and therefore sometimes trousers, especially after getting wet, may seem uncomfortable to wear.

   To solve this problem SSO produces special suspenders for its Gorka suits. These suspenders provide the best comfort for wearing trousers, preventing them from falling off, adjusting them in height and after getting wet they redistribute the weight of the trousers.

   Also, suspenders are equally comfortable to wear with or without a jacket. If necessary it won't be a problem for you to detach the suspenders without taking off your jacket.

1. A convenient and practical thing.
2. Doesn't interfere with the jacket.
3. Small price for great comfort.
4. Compatible with Gorkas of any manufacturer.
5. Compatible with battle trousers by VOИN.

Fabric: 40mm Elastic strap.
Furniture: Canadian Buttons.

Weight: 120 gram