Trousers "Gorka 3" (Splav)

Manufacturer: Splav
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   You need a durable and functional suit for exercises. Don't forget that the clothes are also consumables, so for training you need something you can not be afraid to rip. The suit should be breathable, waterproof, comfortable and durable, but affordable. The combination of this factors is rare. 

   Pants "Gorniye 3" are an improved version of the old Gorka 3 trousers. They have all the same strong sides, but have a number of innovations. So, they have rip-stop reinforcements in the area of the seat, knees and on the bottom of the trousers, they can be equipped with knee protection, have tightenings in the calf and belt and also have removable suspenders that provide more comfortable wearing and allow you to adjust the trousers in height. 

   Trousers are made of modern tarpaulin, superior in quality to all other Gorkas. Due to its combat past, Gorkas have become widely recognized throughout the world. Russian soldiers are dressed in Gorkas in video games (Battlefield, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six and others) and films. This jacket complies today's requests but preserves its origin. Doesn't rave or lose color. 

1. Legendary Russian Spetsnaz suit.
2. Has tightenings.
3. Use of modern fabrics.
4. Knee protection included.

Fabric: Brezent

Weight: 1.2 kg