Combat Pants Gen 3M "Gop Tac"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: Trousers
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    Combat Pants Gen 3 "Gop Tac" is combat trousers of the now-legendary Gop Tac. It has gained popularity in Russia and beyond its chapels, both at airsoft games and in civilian shooting, and among employees of various law enforcement agencies, and of course in everyday wear

    One of the main features of these trousers are the materials. Unlike 90% of trousers, the NyCo rip-stop fabric is used as the main fabric, the same as in the version from Crye Precision (USA). It combines strength, hygiene, wear resistance and breathability. The lower back, gusset and the area around the knee are made of elastic and durable Impulse fabric, which provides comfort during active physical activity, removing excess moisture from the body, while providing air flow. Gen 3M "Gop Tac" has 6 convenient and roomy pockets. On the belt, above the knee, on the side of the knee, and in the lower part of the trousers there are elements with the help of which individual adjustment is carried out for the user in height and volume. On the loops there are two D-rings for attaching various accessories to them.

    Combat Trousers Gen 3M "Gop Tac" are time-tested and proven from the best side of quality with new technical and constructive solutions. These trousers will be great both for training shooting and as everyday trousers.

1. Legendary Gop Tac design.
2. Cheeki Breeki i v damke!
3. The main fabric of NyCo is perfectly suitable for a hot climate.
4. Four elastic sections: lower back, gusset and knees.
5. Elastic elements in the color of the main fabric, do not unmask.
6. The 3D knee is adjustable vertically and horizontally,
it is possible to install inserts of the Gen.3 type.

Fabric: Moss, Multicam, Black-NYCO Nylon 50%, Cotton 50% (South Korea).
Digital Flora (EMR Leto) - 50% Polyester, 50% Cotton.
Strap: 100% Polyester ITGF (Russia).
Flex Insertions: Impulse Nylon 90%, Spandex 10%, Moisture-repellent coating Teflon (Russia).
Contact tape: 100% Nylon VELCRO ® (Belgium).
Hardware: 100% Acetal APRI ® (Russia), zipper polyacetal 100% Special Kit ® (Russia).

Weight: 800 gram