Shemagh "Desert Storm"

Manufacturer: Splav
Product Code: mask
Stock Status: Available



   When taking military actions in the southern regions you should take into account specific terrain and, subsequently, special combat tasks. For area with a hot dry climate it is worth taking care of the blazing sun, dust, sand and hot wind. Also, the headdress should answer the needs of camouflage and it's not only just about the masking on the terrain, but also about the possibility of being less recognizable between the local people.

   Soldiers chose a keffiyeh (shemagh), which completely satisfies these needs. "Desert Storm" keffiyeh from "Splav" company has a classic design and a authentic appearance. You can wrap it around your head as you please, thus protecting yourself from the sun, wind and sand.

   These keffiyehs are actively used by Russian special forces in Syrian Arab Republic. High functionality allows you to use it not only as a headdress, but also as a harness or for other goals.

1. Perfect for hot weather.
2. Excellent wind and dust protection.
3. Used by Russian special forces in Syria.
4. Recognized external appearance.

Fabric: Cotton 100%.

Weight: 200 gram