Mask for face protection "Ninja"

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: mask
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   More than 90% of the human body can not get serious injuries and damage from airsoft weapons. The torso is protected by a camouflage and a vest, hand protective gloves, head with helmet, and eye glasses made of polycarbonate, but how do you protect the face and teeth? To protect your face, there are special protective masks!

   "Ninja" is a mask, the central part which is made of steel mesh which will protect your nose, lips and teeth from airsoft balls, while not impeding speech and breathing of the medium, and the cheeks are closed camouflage cloth, do not interfere with the tab and the aiming of weapons.

   The mask has an excellent adjustment, which allows you to adjust to any size of the head.

1. Protects the lower part of the face: nose, cheeks, teeth.
2. The length of the retaining straps is adjustable.

Fabric: Cotton.
Hardware: Steel mesh.

Weight: 100 gram