Goggles "Kite" Track

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   For a long time, mankind did not have ways to effectively protect their vision during combat, but in the late 90s of the XX century, materials appeared that were used to create protective glasses that could protect not only from dust flying into the eyes, but also from shrapnel with small-caliber bullets!

   Various protective glasses from Track were widely distributed among various units of the Russian armed forces, often they could be seen as" Polite People " used these glasses during the Crimean operation. Glasses with indirect ventilation are designed to protect the eyes from the front and sides from splashes and impacts of solid particles.

   The kit consists of a frame with three lenses.

1. Modern material polycarbonate,which is made of a single-layer lens (thickness - 3 mm),
provides protection from ultraviolet and hard blue radiation,
meets the standard and optical correctness.
2. Special technology allows you to expand the area of peripheralvision
and reduces distortion at different angles to a minimum.
3. The scratch resistance.
4. Due to the changeable color filters,
they are easily adapted to any type of illumination.
5. Elimination of distortion and"blind spots" due to the use of "mono glass".

Lenses: Polycarbonate.

Weight: 300 gram