Dump pouch SSO

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available


Pouch to reset empty shops such Rollypoly, if necessary, can be transformed into a small package

  • Mounting: two built-in clip. For mounting on a classical system PALS / MOLLE need two cells wide and two horizontal rows of cells in height
  • Pouch in the unfolded state holds 8 stores AKM or AK-74 and 5 stores Saiga / Boar-12 for 8 rounds
  • Velcro flap, with a convenient manners of the slings, fastens in three positions - holding pouch in the collapsed state, as unnecessary fastened to the inner wall of the pouch or used to cover the top of the pouch
  • Parachute cord is pulled neck pouch and two clamps Duraflex┬«, which reduces the risk of loss of stores
  • To be safe, Velcro sewn on the perimeter and further along the diagonals
  • All tissue sections and lines are hidden under the edging or seams for reliability and neat appearance
  • At the bottom there is a grommet for drainage water