Army Pouch for SVD/VSS

Manufacturer: Techincom
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available


It serves to accommodate two mags SVD (Tigr).

- To avoid dirt, sand, etc. pouch has a volume valve.

- Valve pouch is closed with turnstile buttons duplicated textile clasp "contact." To facilitate the opening, especially in winter conditions, the valve is equipped with the seizure of the belt webbing.

- To avoid the possibility of collision between the stores is equipped with a removable pouch wall with a damper. When removing the partition can accommodate twin stores.

- In pouches can accommodate a 20-cartridge magazines for 9mm Automatic special AU (sniper rifle special BCC). It is recommended to remove the partition and the bottom of the pouch put the cartridges in a pack.

- At the bottom of the pouch has a hole for water drainage.

Weight: 90 gr.

Materials: Cordura 1000D or fabric art. 04s27 "Mogotex."