Medical Backpack 40L

Manufacturer: Techincom
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available

$163 $181

The main compartment backpack with three containers, packing for medical devices.

• On the inside of the front wall of the backpack attached two removable pockets for accommodation of drugs and instruments.

• backpack placed on the sidewall of two removable pockets, intended for laying dressing and styptic first.

• The front of the backpack has two pockets, zipper closing on the "zipper" for posting documents, etc. Inside the upper pocket is "organizer".

• Satchel has a comfortable back design with rigid plastic insert and shock-absorbing cushions with top of the volume mesh "AirMesh".

• Suspension system includes a backpack shoulder straps ergonomic S-shaped, and adjusting straps. On the chest there is a jumper straps with quick-release buckle-type "fasteksy". When fitting backpack on a figure the jumper on the strap can be changed.

• All offices are closed on the backpack zipper "Lightning", closed the splash bars.

• To adjust the volume, and attachment to the outer surface of the long objects backpack equipped with four lateral ties with quick buckles type "fasteksy".

• On the outside surface of the backpack are horizontal lines, designed to secure the removable pouches equipped with a modular mounting system.

• The upper part of the bulk conveying loop located backpack, designed for easy transport, lifting knapsack when equipped, on avtobronetehnike fixing and for hoisting and transfer using a climbing rope. Under the loop is output to the system or hose drinking radiogarnitury, shut-off valve.

Weight: 1500 gr.

Materials: Cordura 1000D or fabric art. 04s27 "Mogotex."