Vest "V12"

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   The 1990s "tactical vest" concept differed a lot from the modern one , it was non modular with the possibility to carry of maximum necessary equipment .

   ANA LLC V-12 vest was one of the most modern and the most universal vests of this type and it was used by the Internal Troops (modern Rosguard) during both Chechen wars.

   The vest can carry 2 AKM\AK-74 mags , Makarov pistol and 1 mag for it, Medical case, the baton,two smoke grenades, gas spray and handcuffs . The vest also has 3 universal pockets at the back.

   Even now it`s still in usage in the police units and regional OMON units.

1. Suitable for OMON reenactment.
2. Has multiple pockets and pouches.


Weight: 900 gram