Vest "Vityaz"

Manufacturer: ANA
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available


Vest "Vitiaz" created for Special Force (FSB and FSO) and MVD operators. It's most popular vest for Japan customers (don't ask us why). 

It's was one of the first adjustable ANA vests, so, it can fit every size. It's classic vest, that was very popular in middle of 90-x years, but still used in regional units, who don't need something more modern. 

It's created for Special Operations and designed by FSB, that's why it have AK pouches (4 pouches for 8 Mags), 4 pouches for granades, loops for additional tactical belt.

Also it have 4 pouches for Smokle granades and pouch for IPP. So, it's balanced vest, plus it's available in Green Kamish!