Suit Gorka 1 "Afgan"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available



   For trainings and outdoor activities both you need a durable and functional suit. Don't forget that the clothes are also consumables, so for training you need something you can spare, unlike a new suit in the original A-tacs. The suit should be breathable, waterproof, comfortable and durable, but affordable. The combination of this is rare.

   For this task Gorka 1 will suit you perfectly. This is the very first version of the costume that appeared during the Afghan war, since the special forces did not have uniform suitable for mountainous terrain. Gorka 1 has the same qualities as other Gorkas but it is simpler and more different in appearance.

   Also the pants can be used as an bib overall. Gorka 1 is perfect for historical airsoft, hunting, fishing or work, because it is made of durable and waterproof fabric.  

1. Very affordable price.
2. Perfect for re-enaction.
3. Great for airsoft and for tourism/hunting/fishing.
4. Overall pants.

Fabric: Tent fabric, cotton 100%.

Weight: 1,7 kg