Backpack "Tortilla" 45L

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: backpack
Stock Status: Available


Backpack mountain raid combat "Tortilla" of 45 liters for carrying in the field of personal belongings and equipment. Structurally, the backpack has a pear-shape. Capacity of the backpack is equipped with two inputs with a zipper, providing access to the two branches of the main volume, separated by a removable, adjustable partition. Both lightning entry into the main tank rucksack straps with quick-enhanced polymer locks. The upper branch of the bulk of the backpack is equipped with two pockets (one of which is located on the dorsal side of the backpack - convertible pad) and the inner strap for securing content. Backpack is equipped with four external pockets, two of which are closed with a zipper, and two are located on the sides and a slimming elastic tie. The top outside pocket closed with a zipper with two cursors and a metal button and has two internal pockets. The bottom of the backpack and pockets equipped with special brass grommets to drain the water from getting inside. Additional equipment can be fixed with special removable hinges to the bottom of the main tank backpack. The backpack has two arm - at the bottom and upper side. Developed-shoulder belt system includes adjustable backpack straps with straps protivootkida (for convenience, it is possible to clamp loops protivootkida straps), chest and waist ties. Special cushions on the back and lower back, lined with mesh to form L-shaped gap for air circulation between the back and the backpack, as well as provide a comfortable wearing a backpack for a long time. The length of the shoulder straps are adjusted using steel buckles with anticorrosive coating. If necessary, with two original metal locks, robust design has the ability to quickly reset the backpack. Backpack is made of durable fabric with water-repellent coating. Color backpack olive green, black.