Army Regular Cap "VKBO"

Manufacturer: BTK Group
Product Code: Cap
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    The bright sun is a major obstacle for a shooter. Of course, you can wear sunglasses, but they obscure everything around and that hinders your visibility. And they weep if you are moving quickly. In addition glasses can't protect you from overheating, wind or rain. You need a headwear for this.

    The Russian Army uses patrol caps from VKBO kit. 2013 and 2016 versions are available in our store. The 2013 version has a simple design without ventilation holes and volume adjustment. The later 2016 model has a slightly different shape, a edging on the visor, a chin strap and a plastic buckle for adjustment at the back.

    Both caps have textile cockade in front, are made of durable and breathable rip-stop, which is important in hot weather. Perfect for re-enacting modern Russian Armed Forces.

1. Suitable in hot weather.                                             
2. Two options.
3. Affordable price.
4. Used in the Russian Army. 

5. This product was in long-term preservation, in warehouse storage,
but this does not affect its quality and functionality! 

Ripstop (cotton 50%, polyester 50%)

Weight: 90 gram