Officer Belt "Portupeia"

Manufacturer: Zavod Trud
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   The uniform of a Tsarist or Soviet Officer had some differences from a soldier's, because an officer is a professional military man, whose equipment was designed for a longer service life than that of a simple conscript. For service in the field and staff conditions, Russian officers received a special belt "Portupeia".

   The Portupeia is a classic belt of officers of the Soviet and Russian Armies. The Portupeia belt is perfect not only for carrying a Makarov Pistol holster, but also for any other everyday tasks.

   The belt width is 40 mm, fastens with a brass buckle, equipped with one belt strap. It has four sizes: 1 - up to 110 cm, 2-up to 120 cm, 3-up to 130 cm.

1. The belt width is 40 mm.
It has been used by officers since the time of the Tsarist Army.
3. At any time you can puncture additional holes for fasteners.
4. Suitable for any task.
5. Two colors.

Fabric: Genuine leather.
Hardware: Brass buckle.

Weight: 250 gram