Army Assault Backpack 25L

Manufacturer: Techincom
Product Code: backpack
Stock Status: Available


Is a multifunctional element of equipment designed to transport various items of combat and marching calculations, additional weapons, etc.

Can be used as a part of the transport and unloading system UMTBS and independently, in the various sets of individual combat equipment.

The principal difference from the prototype design is the presence of back rigid plastic insert and cushioning pads to the top of the volume mesh "AirMesh".

• Satchel has two branches. Inside the main compartment there is a large pocket for placing the jar drinking systems (such as Camelbak) and other items of similar dimensions (laptop, etc.). Inside the second branch located pocket- "organizer" for documents, maps, tools, stationery, etc. On the outer surface of this office is a flat pocket to accommodate a variety of small items of equipment.

• Suspension system includes a backpack shoulder straps ergonomic S-shaped form, and adjusting straps. On the chest there is a jumper straps with quick-release buckle-type "fasteksy". When fitting backpack on a figure the jumper on the strap can be changed.

• All branches are closed on the backpack zipper "Lightning", closed the splash bars.

• To adjust the volume, and attachment to the outer surface of the long objects backpack equipped with four lateral ties with quick buckles type "fasteksy".

• On the outside surface of the backpack straps arranged horizontally for fixing removable pouches equipped with a modular mounting system.

• The upper part of the bulk conveying loop located backpack, designed for easy transport, lifting knapsack when equipped, on avtobronetehnike fixing and for hoisting and transfer using a climbing rope. Under the loop is output to the system or hose drinking radiogarnitury, shut-off valve.

• At the bottom of the main compartment and side pockets have holes for drainage.

Volume: 30 liters.

Dimensions (VhShhT), mm: 500h400h220

Weight: 1450 gr.


Cordura 1000D or tissue art.04s27 "Mogotex."